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Part of the Maraboe family

Marabou Productions is a very special booking office for artists, and food trucks for any kind of event. Also Leeloo Hoops can be booked through Maraboe.

InspirationAL Events

Heart & Hoop Dance  Retreat
After a successful first edition in august 2014 in the Netherlands, the team is now working on the next one in 2015! Check their website for updates.

A week that will let your body dance, your mind move, your senses be sharpened & your heart overflow. The hoop is our tool! We would like to use Hoopdance as a transformational tool. We use Hoopdance to intensify your body awareness. The program is designed to find playfulness and freedom. The Heart and Hoop-dance Retreat offers a safe and inspirational space where you can expand your creativity in order to express yourself.
The event is organized by Mirjam Douma, Jivan Bodelier, David Gustavsson and Ruud Wessels.

Hoepel Startpagina

(in Dutch). A platform gathering useful information, tips & tricks about hoping in the Netherlands. www.hoelahoep.startpagina.nl

Other Dutch hoopers 

Mirjam Douma, Hooplovers.nl (Leiden). www.hooplovers.nl
Floris Brouwer, Happy Hooping (Amsterdam). www.happyhooping.nl
Karin de Wit, Movin'Circle (Breda). www.hoopdance.nl
Sally Hoogheim, Hoopsadaisy (Amsterdam). www.hoopsadaisy.nl
Robin Herrewijnen, Robin Hoop (Rotterdam), www.robinhoop.nl


Spin to This
Where genres collide and the flow flows. A place for object manipulators, flow artists, and fire spinners to post the music they love to dance, practice, and perform to. www.youtube.com/spintothis

Tips & Tricks Online

Hooping.org is the online hub for the worldwide hooping community, the one-stop resource for all things revolving around the hula hoop including hoop dance, hoop fitness, circus hula hooping and more.  www.hooping.org

A resource of hoop tricks and tutorials to share with other hoopers. www.hoop-trix.com

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