About hoopdance

Basically, hoopdance is dancing with a hoop. But it also has fitness aspects, acrobatic movements and tricks.

People do it for fun, to stay in shape, as a form of personal expression, to empty their minds or to become more aware of one's body in the here and now. Or all of these at once. Whatever may be the reason to dance, hooping is above all a passion.

Hoopdance is both intensely physical and very abstract. While dancing, it is a great feeling to give yourself over to the hoop to come in a so-called 'flow.' That is, when everything seems to go by itself, you are in the here and now, without being distracted by everyday thoughts. Dancing in the flow can be almost meditative for some. The hoop's circular and repetitive movements may reinforce this experience.

The hoop's playful character makes the movements of hoopdance challenging and active, but above all: extremely fun. It is certainly one of the most efficacious ways to make yourself and others smile :)

Since in 2014, Leeloo Hoops is teaching the courses Hoopdance 1 and Hoopdance 2 at Parnassos Cultural Centre in Utrecht.

Hoopdance 1 focuses especially on the basic movements and techniques to move with the hoop freely and with joy. Moreover, during the classes, you will learn to make transitions from one movement to the other to transform the simple hooping into a dancing.

Hoopdance 2 is a follow up on the basic Hoopdance 1 course. During the classes we will engage in more complex movements. Also, there will be attention for the dancing-aspect.

Next to these courses, Leeloo Hoops is also organising workshops and hoop jams.