Thinking about getting your own hoop?

Leeloo Hoops makes them in different sizes and colors. It is also possible to have a hoop made of polypro tubing! These are lighter than the usual hoops.

The hoops we use for hoopdance are made especially for adults, and are thus larger and heavier. Due to the size they spin slower. Because of the weight you are able to feel the hoop on your body, where it is, what it does, and you have more time to respond.

A beginners hoop usually has a diameter of 95 - 100cm.

Many experienced dancers prefer to use smaller, faster hoops that range from 80 to 90 cm in diameter. The advantage of a smaller, lighter hoop is that it is easier to perform off-body movements These are all the movements in and around your hands and arms.

Below you will find some of the hoops that I have ready. These can be picked up directly. In addition, I make custom hoops. In this case, you can indicate which size and color you prefer. The hoop will be ready within a week. If you would like to order a hoop, of if you have any questions about which size would be most appropriate, please do not hesitate to contact me