• Parnassos, Utrecht (map)
  • Kruisstraat 201
  • 3581 GK Utrecht

Summer means hula hoops! Preferably in the park.
This summer course focuses on dance and (self)expression.

The course starts with a brief retrospect of the basic techniques and background of hooping (day 1), making the classes accessible for beginners as well.
Afterwards, we start with the 'real' work: exercises focused on the dancing aspect (day 2) and on finding your own flow and dance style (day 3). In addition, the course addresses the making of a choreography (day 4), and puts it into practice making one together (day 5).  

The course is meant for everyone who wants to spend some summer days actively and creatively. 

Monday 25 – Friday 29 August 2014
10.00 – 13:00 and 14:00 – 16.30 h 

Level: All

More info and enrolling: www.parnassos.nl