• Gym Pieterskerkhof (map)
  • Pieterskerkhof 10
  • Utrecht
  • Netherlands


Workshop Hoopdance

How do you make fluid transitions from one movement to the other? For instaande, how do you go from the horizontaal to the verticaal plane in a natural way, without having to think too much about it? 

In this workshop we learn some basic transition movements and variations, depending on the general level of the group.

In addition, we focus on combining the various moves and tricks. With some exercises we learn to make creative connections so that the hooping also really looks like a hoop dance. 

Level: all

Costs: € 20,-
Including: borrowing hoops, music, coffee, tea and something sweet :)

Location: Gym Pieterskerkhof 10, Utrecht
PLEASE NOTE:  the gym's entrance is located on the Kromme Nieuwegracht (the little bridge next to Kromme Nieuwegracht nr 39).

Please send an e-mail with your name and phone number to contact@leeloohoops.com