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“Hooping can be treacherous. It is both apparently frivolous and trance-inducing. It can be highly contagious. Children cannot resist it. By adults it is perceived as and/or used for burlesque, circus, meditation, fitness, spiritual practice, dance art or idiotic behavior. One of the most mesmerizing hoop dancers around, Tiana Zoumer, called hoop dance; “the quintessentially pointless art” , making it belong to that rare category of things so subversively pure that they float above all application.” Jan Baracz in: “Turning Around in Circles.” 

You never hooped and are curious to see whether you like it?
Or did you just start and would like to improve the basics?

This two-hour workshop is intended as an crash-course into the basics of hooping. During this Sunday afternoon we will go though some on-body movements such as waist hooping as well as off-body movements, which are all those movement with your hands and arms.

Basically, hoopdance is dancing with a hoop. But it also has fitness aspects, acrobatic movements and tricks. People do it for fun, to stay in shape, as a form of personal expression, to empty their minds or to become more aware of one's body in the here and now. Or all of these at once. Whatever may be the reason to dance, hooping is above all a passion.
The hoop's playful character makes the movements of hoopdance both active and extremely fun. It is certainly one of the most efficacious ways to make yourself and others smile :)

Hooping basics is part of the December workshop series by Leeloo Hoops. The series also includes: Flow workshop (14 December) and Shoulder- and chest hooping (16 december).


Level: all
Language: Dutch or English (depending on the composition of the group. If you have any difficulties with one of these languages, please indicate this prior to the start of the course)
Costs: € 25,-
Including: borrowing hoops, music, coffee, tea and something sweet 
Location: Gym Schoolplein 6, Utrecht

To register: Please send an e-mail with your name and phone number to contact@leeloohoops.com

Photo credits: Filippo Decotto