• Schoolplein 6
  • Utrecht

Do you still have some trouble with chest- and shoulder hooping? Or would you like to improve and get more flow in it?

Shoulder hooping is often seen as one of the trickier techniques for a hooper to get to grips with. Yet, once comfortable with it, it can be the most beautiful and taking flow. There is something hypnotising about the circular and wrapping movements of shoulder hooping. For me, this workshop is also a personal one, as it is one of the movements that touch me the most. Through the class I hope to convey some of the expressive possibilities this core hooping technique has to offer.

During this two-hour workshop we go over the basic technique of both chest- and shoulder hooping. Afterwards we engage in various exercises and variations to get more fluid and expressive in the chest- and shoulder work.

The workshop is open to all, although some basic hooping is desirable. If you have never hooped before, it would be advisable to follow the Hooping Basics workshop (7 december 2014).

The Shoulder- and chest hooping workshop is part of the December workshop series by Leeloo Hoops. The series also includes: Hooping basics (7 December) and Flow workshop (14 december).


Level: all
Language: Dutch or English (depending on the composition of the group. If you have any difficulties with one of these languages, please indicate this prior to the start of the course)
Costs: € 25,-
Including: borrowing hoops, music, coffee, tea and something sweet
Location: Gym Schoolplein 6, Utrecht

To register: Please send an e-mail with your name and phone number to contact@leeloohoops.com

Photo credits: Lieke Romeijn